After a flurry of Opening Day deals in free agency, the NFL is proving that there is no time to rebuild anymore. Even if a team is coming off an awful season, the front offices are expecting a quick fix. Gone are the days of a five-year plan. They’re lucky if they get three.

Ask Tampa Bay’s Greg Schiano, Cleveland’s Rob Chudzinski and Tennessee’s Mike Munchak. All got three years or less to turn around losing teams. None of them did it and now they’re out of work after the 2013 season. It proves that coaches are disposable.

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Which brings us to yesterday’s free agency feeding frenzy. Everyone thinks they can go from worst to first, but it obviously must start with better players. reported that 32 of their Top 99 free agents had agreed/signed deals in the first 24 hours. That’s amazing. Gone are the days when a free agent would shop around. Because the franchise now puts their best offer on the table immediately.

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The Buccaneers are a perfect example. Some thought this was a playoff-caliber team in 2013. They weren’t even close. But the way the Glazers have opened up their wallets on they must feel this team is a few players away from going from worst to first. They spent over $82-million dollars on Day One on the defense alone. And this coming from a team that was dead last in the NFL on offense.

There are plenty of big names still out there. And plenty of more money to be thrown around.

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Want to win in the NFL? Forget the future. Bring your checkbook.