Jim Lighthall is a busy man as we all know. As the full time voice of USF basketball, and a host of Fan Interference, he sometimes needs to step out and call some basketball games for the Bulls. With all the moves made by the Bucs, we had to talk to Jim about what he thought about the moves that were made.

Before things turned serious, Jim wanted to weigh in on if Justin broke his vow for Lent of giving up fake laughing, which he may have done earlier with a caller. From what Jim heard, Justin may have some issues later in life after what he perceived as a fake laugh.

Jim also being in Memphis with USF, we talked to him about the chances tonight for USF as they take on Rutgers in the first round of the AAC conference tournament. He said that although the Bulls lost twice to Rutgers earlier in the year, the Bulls can match up well with Rutgers.

Jim did say that he really liked the moves that the Bucs made and that he liked the way that they spread the cap money out, unlike in the past when they always went for the highest profile players. He also was torn about what the Bucs are planning to do with Darrelle Revis in regards to keep him or try and move him via trade or a straight up release.