For weeks I’ve tried to tell anyone who would listen but no one would. For weeks I said good value, good business decision, the system dictates but no one would listen. Now we all wanna listen. I’ll say it again, Darelle Revis is a luxury not a necessity in a Lovie Smith defense.

Let’s make this simple. How many of you have ever bought a house? And when you move in there is always something you love and something you can’t wait to change. Darelle Revis is that something Lovie Smith couldn’t wait to change. Make sense? Ok try this on. How many of you have ever been put in charge of the budget at your house? You have to decide where you spend the money and what you spend it on. Jason Licht has decided he didn’t wanna spend 16 million on Revis. Makes sense?

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In its simplest form the cover 2, which is the base defense that Leslie Frazier and Lovie Smith will run, doesn’t need a great man-to-man cover guy. It never has. Can anyone name me the best corner ever to play for Tony Dungy or Lovie Smith? Donnie Abraham? Ronde Barber? Charles Tillman? Nathan Vasher? Point being you don’t need Darelle Revis at 16 million dollars a year when you have a team that has so many holes on the o-line, at defensive end, tight end, wide receivers, and much more.

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Of the top 5 highest paid players salary wise next NFL season, Darelle Revis is number 4 on that list. The other 4 are QB’s! I can come up with so many other analogies but I will finish with this one. If the Glazers want Lovie Smith and Jason Licht to cook up a championship then they at least better let them shop for some of the groceries or in this instance return some to the store. The new regime doesn’t need Revis to cook up a title. Simply put.

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