Fomer NFL GM Vinny Cerrato, who told Booger and Rich weeks ago that he would dump Darrelle Revis’ 16 million dollar salary to fill other holes, joined us again to talk about the Bucs thoughts in cutting or trading their star corner back.

Cerrato said that the Bucs will probably cut Darrelle Revis because he seems unwilling to restructure his contract. If they can’t restructure the contract, then they can’t move him.

Defensive end Michael Johnson is on his way to Tampa to finalize his deal. Cerrato said Johnson is a long, physical defensive end that can get after the QB and that’s what Lovie Smith wants. The key is whether or not he can play consistently.

The Bucs also signed TE Brandon Myers and Cerrato said a TE is key in running today’s offense because they are the ones who find the holes in the defenses. They have be able to sit down in those empty spaces to be effective. Cerrato said Myers is a guy who can do that.

Josh McCown is set to visit the Buccaneers and Cerrato said he’s a great guy who can bridge the gap for the Bucs. If McCown is brought in and beats out Glennon, Cerrato said that shows you that Glennon never was and will never be “the guy.” If you’re a Bucs fan, Cerrato said you should root for Glennon to beat out McCown or any other veteran QB the team brings in.