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From the outside looking in, the resigning of Chad Henne to a new 2-year contract wouldn’t necessarily answer all of the questions I might have at quarterback if I was a Jaguars fan.

According to the Ryan O’Halloran, the Jaguars beat writer for the Florida times-Union, it appears the Jaguars will be focusing on other positions in the 1st round of May’s draft.

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This would not surprise me at all. The Jaguars are a team who are not yet ready to make a significant run at the playoffs yet. They still have numerous holes and an owner/GM/Head coach who seem patient enough to fill other holes before addressing their quarterback spot.

Teams picking within the top 5 picks will face a serious question of taking a risky pick in a quarterback or a safer pick in players like Sammy Watkins, Greg Robinson, Jadeveon Clowney, or Khalil Mack.

Just because the Jaguars might pass on a quarterback in the 1st round of May’s draft, do not mean they don’t have their eyes set on one or two quarterbacks in later rounds.

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The Jaguars coaching staff were selected to coach the South team at the Senior Bowl this year and got a first-hand view of quarterbacks Derek Carr and David Fales. The Jaguars also requested that Jimmy Garoppolo be added to their squad for the senior bowl as well. There could be a very good chance that the Jaguars have locked into one of these quarterbacks to be their 2nd round pick, freeing them up to likely take either Jadeveon Clowney or Khalil Mack with the 3rd overall pick in the draft.

Of course, this could always be the dreaded “smokescreen,” but let’s pretend it is true.

If the Bucs are truly in search of a franchise quarterback and eyeing one of the top QBs this year (Bridgewater, Bortles, Manziel), this can only be good news. Other than the Jaguars, there are three other QB-needy teams in the Texans, Browns, and Raiders all picking in front of the Bucs.

As teams go through this process of the draft, they typically look for reasons not to draft specific players. Quarterbacks are usually the players that are easiest to find faults in. If teams get nervous at the top of the draft, the Bucs could find themselves on the clock with one, or maybe two, of the top QB prospects still on the board.

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