I’ve been doing radio for almost nine years now, and some of my opinions never cease to amaze people. I’ve had strong, natural, sometimes unpopular stances for years, and I still get the same questions/responses:

– “I don’t believe that YOU believe everything you say.”

– “Marc’s just trying to stir the pot.”

– “You have some of the most idiotic takes I’ve ever heard” – Booger McFarland.

– “Do you believe what you said or are you just trying to stir the pot?”

Allow me clarify – everything I say is backed 100% by belief. In other words, I never fabricate anything. That’s what shock jocks do. Just because an opinion is controversial doesn’t mean it’s been conjured up to send people in a tizzy. I’m the genuine article – what you see, and more importantly, what you hear, is what you get.

I was devastated yesterday – devastated that the most beloved sports icon in Tampa moved on. The vast majority of those on our station blasted Marty St. Louis. I saw it a different way.

The reality is this – I’m not sure even Marty St. Louis OR Steve Yzerman understand with 100% certainty why events unfolded as they did. So when we as hosts come out with our opinions, we’re doing so with admittedly less than 100% of the story, as we only know what we’ve seen, what we’ve heard.

It’s then our job to speak to those surrounding the team, to find out what happened, and to form our own opinion with the information at our disposal. I am not in the Lightning locker room, and neither is anyone with a differing opinion.

What I can tell you is this – Steve Yzerman said on Booger and Rich yesterday that he did not have to move Marty St. Louis. He chose to do so anyway. I disagree with that decision.

Our very own Chris Dingman played for the Lightning, and joined us last night on Out of Bounds. Paraphrasing Chris, he said he wasn’t sure if the locker room would have been carcinogenic had St. Louis stayed, and didn’t get a straight answer when he himself asked Marty of his intentions last month.

We may never have the full story on what exactly folded with Marty St. Louis, but you do have the full story on this – I owe you as my listeners two things – 1.) To work as hard as I can on the show, and 2.) To be honest with you. I’m batting 1.000 there.

Never will you receive an opinion that isn’t in line with my beliefs, nor will you ever hear a strong stance that hasn’t been thoroughly researched. You deserve my best, and that’s what my mission is to deliver.

– Marc Ryan