Remember that funny video where Jeff Gordon took a test drive in disguise and freaked the car dealer out?


Here it is…

Well, a few things in that video drew the attention of people all over social media – like the fact that it was all fake. It turns out that entire thing was a well planned viral marketing campaign. Everyone involved was an actor, Gordon didn’t do the actual driving, etc. Well, Jalopnik writer Travis Okulski wrote an expose and was pretty hard on Gordon and the video’s sponsor, Pepsi (it was an advertisement after all).

Cut to this week when a new video hit the Internet and this time, Gordon would be the one laughing.

Epic prank? Yes. Funny/fun way to advertise soda? Yes. Ultimate revenge? YES!

With the help of an inside man, Jeff Gordon gets Okulski back in his latest video that has him playing the role of an ex-con cab driver who just got out of prison (after doing 10 years). The makeup artists did a MUCH better job with Gordon in this video and the added element of a faux police chase really gets Okulski going. And by ‘going’ we mean, literally, kicking and screaming.

Watch the video your self here…

Kudos to Okulski – that didn’t look like it was fun (for him anyway) and he handled the prank with class. You have to admit though, when Jeff Gordon wants to get back at you and he’s got the help (read: resources) of Chevrolet, Pepsi, and Jalopnik at his disposal – he WILL get you!

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