If you turned on 98.7 The Fan today (and why wouldn’t you) you heard about the rumors that Tampa Bay Lightning Captain Marty St. Louis has asked for a trade from the team that he helped win a Stanley Cup in 2004.

It’s no secret that Marty has been pissed off at the organization and more specifically at General Manager Steve Yzerman. Stevie of course infamously left St. Louis off of the Team Canada Olympic roster only to bring him on last minute after fellow Bolts player Steven Stamkos wasn’t cleared for Sochi.

St. Louis has been visibly shaken by the snubbing and hasn’t done the best job of hiding his feelings. While I fully understand how he feels, I think Marty needs to swallow his pride and check those feelings at the door.

I know what Marty feels like. We all do. I’ve been snubbed in my profession countless times. The powers that be at my previous radio station didn’t believe in my talents. I worked hard, paid my dues and worked 6 and 7 day weeks for over 10 years. Did they care? No. Did I sit there and cry about it? Hell no. I busted my ass to land a job here at 98.7 The Fan and I haven’t looked back.

In life you are always going to have doubters. Marty St. Louis is 5’8″!!!! People doubt him every single day!!! This is why I am so surprised by his actions regarding his General Manager. Dude! Not everybody is going to like you! Just suck it up and deal with it.

I had a great conversation with someone you all know a while back when I was down and he told me to take it like a man, shut my mouth and do my job. I’m sure he would tell Marty the same thing. I get that you’re pissed off at Steve Yzerman. I would be too. Use it as motivation and PROVE HIM WRONG!!! Bust your ass on the ice and in the gym like you always have and remember one thing…

Success is the best revenge.

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