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We’ve already had stories of the Bucs meeting with a couple of high profile quarterbacks at the combine. It has also been reported that the Buccaneers met extensively with LSU linebacker Lamin Barrow.

According to Barrow, the meeting with the Buccaneers was “probably the longest one” he had with any team at the combine. The Buccaneers also met with Barrow at the Senior Bowl.

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Barrow put up some nice numbers at the combine. He measured in at 6’1” 238 lbs, ran a 4.64 40-yard dash, had the 3rd longest arms of any linebacker, did 22 reps on the bench press, and had some of the largest hands at the combine.

Jaguars coach Gus Bradley had the opportunity to coach the South team at the Senior Bowl, and made a point of singling out Barrow during the week.

“He did a nice job in practice. What I noticed with him is, it’s different techniques, what we’re teaching them. (His) ability to adjust to what we’re asking, and then make corrections, is great,” Bradley said. “He had a situation in practice where he kind of had the wrong drop, we corrected him, the next play he corrected it and made a great play. Things like that are showing up with those guys.”

Barrow looks the part and has the ideal measurables for a top-tiered linebacker, but does not play with a violent nature. Likely to be a day 3 selection, Barrow’s athleticism and speed might be attractive to Lovie Smith and his defensive scheme.

I also find it peculiar that the Bucs had extensive meetings with Barrow at both the Senior Bowl and the combine. This sort of thing is not uncommon and could be just the Bucs doing their due diligence on Barrow as a player and a person. However, it has been known for teams to interview certain players before a draft to find out about other players in the draft they might also be interested in.

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Before the 2010 draft, the Bucs asked Texas Tech OG Brandon Carter point blank if he would select Gerald McCoy or Ndamukong Suh with the 3rd overall selection.

With SEC quarterbacks like Johnny Manziel, Aaron Murray, AJ McCarron, and LSU’s own Zach Mettenberger eligible for this year’s draft, why not ask a question or two to a linebacker that faced all 4 of those quarterbacks, whether it be in games or in practice?

If the Bucs are truly in search of a quarterback to lead their team, every bit of information could help.

Also, if the Bucs are contemplating Manziel with either the 7th overall selection or in a trade up, why not find out from LSU’s starting middle linebacker why they had so much success against Manziel and what weaknesses they tried to exploit?

I’d call this all speculation, but it is more of an educated guess. Why wouldn’t the Bucs ask Barrow about other players he has faced while also finding out about him as well?

Barrow has potential of being a starter in the NFL, but at the very least he brings depth and a contributor on special teams. Right now, Barrow is projected as a late 3rd to 5th round pick.

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