By: Booger McFarlandBy Anthony “Booger” McFarland

The NFL combine is winding down and some of you could care less but make no mistake about it, we all heard the sports world stop when Jadeveon Clowney ran an unofficial 4.47 forty yard dash, which is faster than a lot of wide receivers and defensive backs. We all were in awe until moments later he decided not to do position drills and the pundits started to question how much he loved football and his work ethic. Are you one of those people?

All will question how a guy that measures 6’5″ 266lbs. and ran 4.47 in the forty only had 3.5 sacks his junior season. My answer to that is real simple: motivation. For defensive linemen who are arguably the biggest athletes in any sport, effort comes from motivation and Clowney didn’t have much to motivate him this year.

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He was arguably the number 1 pick a year ago but because of NCAA rules he was forced to go back to school where there was absolutely nothing to prove. How would you react? How would you spend a year of your life if someone told you that you couldn’t get something that you had already earned (the first pick in the draft for Clowney)? I understand the whole concept of play every down like it’s your last and all out effort but in professional sports it doesn’t happen all the time.

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Whether it’s an NBA player not getting back on defense, an MLB player not running 100% to first or a defenseman in the NHL not skating hard when a break away occurs. You show me film, I’ll show you players not giving maximum effort. As for Clowney, he is the most talented player the NFL has seen in 10 years and he is a physical specimen that can’t be passed up. The bottom line is you have questions about every player that gets drafted. Some you understand, some you don’t. I just understand Clowney better than most!

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