By Justin Pawlowski

Bucky Brooks from the NFL Network joined Fan Interference today to tell us why the combine is an important part of the process when deciding who are guys that they can target when it comes to the NFL Draft. The biggest thing of the combine is the medical exam and the interview with each player. This is the first time these teams are able to talk to these players and pick their brains.

Some people are suspicious of the amount of weight put on the combine, and Bucky talks about why this is apart of the process. To him, the film makes up roughly 75% of what you use when evaluating with the other 25% of the combine and interview that you have with those teams.

Everyone who watches the combine this week will tune in to see who could rise and fall, and Bucky looked at a few guys who have the most to prove this week. Some of the questions include does Johnny Manziel love football? Can Teddy Bridgewater take contact? Why did Clowney have issues in his senior season.

For the Bucs, Khalil Mack has been a guy mentioned for the Bucs, and Bucky says that he has not seen enough on film from Mack against elite talent and says that if the choice is between he and Anthony Barr, that Lovie Smith and the Bucs would be wise to slot Barr in with the 7th pick.