By: Booger McFarland Twitter: @lsuboogerBy Anthony “Booger” McFarland

I was recently reading (I know right) an article about former Buccaneer Michael Bennett giving the Seattle Seahawks a hometown discount to stay there. In my opinion that is the most ludicrous thing that I have ever heard. Why, because he loves the 12th man? HAHA! Because he likes being in the great northwest? HAHA!

I’m all for a player wanting to spend the majority of his career in a certain place but saying that he should take less money makes no sense at all.

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So you’re telling me that when a player is approaching free agency and his demand is at its highest, he should give his services away for less? That goes against everything this country is built on. Think about a company like Apple. When the new iPhone comes out and the demand is high, they don’t discount it do they? Hell no! They charge you full price and there are no exceptions.

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Our country is built on this very principle, so why should the NFL be any different? Someone such as Michael Bennett should in no way shape or form give anyone a discount. He has earned his money and has every right to be paid. Now this might not be the right way to think but this is reality.

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I get it. There are certain instances where you make a family choice to stay in a certain place but by and large athletes have to make the most money they can in the shortest period of time. For Michael Bennett, he shouldn’t entertain the idea of taking less money. I may be wrong but I doubt it!