Former Buccaneers coach Tony Dungy joined Booger and Rich to talk about his new book Uncommon Marriage and to answer some questions about the Super Bowl and the latest on the Richie Incognito case.

Dungy said that the Seahawks showed that the NFL isn’t just an offensive league. He said their defensive performance against the Broncos was amazing to watch and noted that their blueprint is very similar to that of Lovie Smith’s Super Bowl Bears team.

Peyton Manning’s legacy has been affected because of the game Dungy said but that’s only because it just happened. Twenty years from now, Dungy said there’s now way he can see anyone saying that Manning isn’t one of the best QB’s to ever play.

With both Johnathan Martin and Richie Incognito, Dungy thinks that a GM needs to sit down with them, look them in the eye and gauge what their role in the bullying scandal was. Dungy also believes that a lot more will come out in this case and did say that after his one-on-one interview with Martin he does believe he will get another chance in the NFL.

Dungy started Shaun King after he took over the starting QB job in his rookie season. He said the Bucs will likely take a similar route with Glennon that he did: put their faith in him and see what he can give them.

Dungy was not voted into the Hall of Fame this year but said he didn’t really expect to. He however was very happy for Derrick Brooks and said it was a no-brainer for his former linebacker to get it. He was sad for both John Lynch and Marvin Harrison but has hopes that they will get in in the future.