There are few in professional sports who understand both the heights and the depths that a career in the spotlight can lead an athlete to better than Darryl Strawberry. An 8-time All-Star during his 17 years in Major League Baseball, Strawberry helped both the New York Mets and New York Yankees win world championships, and his legacy as a player is that of a clutch performer who delivered when his teams needed it the most.

But for every memory of his great moments at the plate and on the field, there are also the stories of off-the-field controversy that will always follow him. Numerous arrests for drug possession, a handful of stints in drug rehab, and a battle with cancer in his later playing days propelled the talented outfielder to perhaps his lowest moments, low points that he always found a way to bounce back from.

Now a published author, speaker, and minister devoted to helping others who are lost find their way back to sobriety and healthy living, Strawberry is bringing all those experiences to the cause of helping others recover from similar trials. He sits down with Booger and Rich to share his thoughts on his journey, and amazingly, to talk a little football, too.