Former Rays starting pitcher James Shields joined Fan Interference to talk about his off-season along with his induction into the Ted Williams Museum.

Shields was missed this year, and he talked this year about his transition to the Royals and how easy that transition was for him and how it reminded him of the earlier days of the Rays.

David Price was a guy who said that Shields was someone that he looked up to about learning how to be a MLB pitcher, and Shields says that he had a lot of fun growing the group of starting pitchers that we now have pitching for the Rays.

One thing that most guys in the Rays organization understands that your time with the Rays is short term, and James says that it is unfortunate about the way that the Rays are forced to operate and that if Andrew Friedman had his choice, he would hold on to all of the guys that they have been forced to move.

The money in baseball for starting pitchers has really exploded the few years and James says that it is good for the game, and good for those guys like Kershaw who are the best pitchers in the game, to get paid that way.