Greg Cosell from NFL Films joined Fan Interference to recap both title games, and what he sees on film from the teams that are going to the Super Bowl.

Greg also talked about the game played by Peyton Manning in the AFC title game, and said it was a complete performance.  One thing that Manning did had the benefit of was a clean pocket against the Patriots, and that may not be something that he will be able to work with facing the Seattle rush defense.

With the Seattle defense, Greg said that the way Seattle can create pressure without blitzing is something that the Broncos are going to have to plan for.

A couple former Bucs had some impact this past weekend in Aqib Talib and Michael Bennett. The large marratives were made that the Broncos offense opened up once Talib was gone, but Greg says that on the film, Talib was getting beat by Thomas prior to his injury.  On Bennett, Greg says that the way he has played for Seattle this year at a very high level, was the same way that he played in Tampa Bay when rushing the passer.


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