From Pewter Report, Mark Cook joined Fan Interference to give us the latest news from the Senior Bowl. The word from Mobile is that around the league, that Licht is a guy that is going to work well with Lovie and help in making personnel decisions in, what Lovie described, as a marriage.

At the Senior Bowl, the connection was made between Jeff Tedford and Derek Carr and how that may translate to what the Bucs may do in the draft. Tedford was a guy at Cal who recruited Carr before he ultimately decided to go to Fresno St. much like Greg Schiano recruited Mike Glennon to Rutgers before deciding to go to NC State.

Mark spent a lot of time evaluating the QB’s at the Senior Bowl and mentioned that although they have a lot of guys there to evaluate, the word within One Buc is that the team does feel that Glennon could be a guy that could thrive in the Tedford offense.

With Mark at the Senior Bowl, the Bucs philosophy will appear to be that they will spend the next 2 months figuring out what they do have in Glennon, and if they do like what they see, they could pass on a QB until the later rounds. However, if they are concerned that Glennon is not their guy, they will entertain looking at a QB with the 7th pick.


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