By: Justin Pawlowski - on twitter: @CommishonlineBy Justin Pawlowski

On the morning of what could be his final game as head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Greg Schiano’s name continues to be associated with one particular college coaching job.

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, Greg Schiano is the top candidate to replace Bill O’Brien at Penn St. if O’Brien leaves for the NFL.

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Some fans and media in the Tampa Bay area have speculated that the Bucs result against the Saints on Sunday could play a significant role in whether Schiano is retained by the Bucs or not.

With these types of reports, it is always a question as to where a reporter gets his information. Let’s look at the possible sources:

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Penn St. athletic director Dave Joyner – I find this person very unlikely to have leaked this kind of information. What help does it do Joyner to leak out this information if Schiano is indeed his top choice? This information might entice another university to consider Schiano and get into a bidding war with Penn St. Joyner being the source makes little sense to me.

Penn St. booster – If one particular booster wants Schiano enough and would also want to put added pressure on Dave Joyner, he could float this information to Rapoport to report. Joyner might then feel obliged to at least interview Schiano to keep the boosters happy. Once interviewed, this particular booster could provide more pressure for AD Dave Joyner to make Schiano the next coach of Penn St.

A member of Greg Schiano’s inner circle – This could be a friend, an assistant, his agent, or Schiano himself. Funny how Schiano always says that “he” isn’t the one floating out rumors, but that does not mean someone close to him is not. A rumor like this increases Schiano’s value after what has been a season that would implode anyone else’s value. Schiano was one game over .500 at Rutgers and could end up 11-21 after two years with the Bucs, but he is the leading candidate for Penn St? How does a coach fail and move up the ranks? The answer is simple. The coach knows how to keep his name in the public eye by floating out rumors, therefore remaining relevant. Jon Gruden has been a master at this for years. Schiano’s inner circle could do this to put pressure on the Glazers or to keep Schiano’s name relevant in the college ranks for his next job.

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I believe any of these options could be where Ian Rapoport might have received his information. Just remember, nobody gives information without some sort of agenda tied to it. So, who would have the most to gain from a rumor like this being floated to a reporter that works for the NFL Network? You decide!