College football insider Pat Forde from Yahoo! Sports joined Booger and Rich to talk about the upcoming bowl season.

Forde said that Marcus Mariota is now reconsidering his decision to come back to Oregon. Forde said if he does decide to come out he’s likely a top 10 talent and could be right behind Teddy Bridgewater.

With Florida State set to take on Auburn for the BCS National Championship, Forde said he’s picking the Noles. He said they’re a well rounded team and they have Jameis Winston who has several big threat wide receivers to throw to while Auburn’s secondary has been suspect.

Forde said he thinks it’s interesting that it took Texas this long to say they are forming a search committee. It tells him there are too many people who are in on this decision unless they are stalling to see if a coach gets through a bowl game. Forde did say Jimbo Fisher has come up. Whether that rumor is true remains to be seen.

Ed O’Bannon’s lawsuit took a little bit of a hit this week and Forde said he expects there to be a stipend or an increase in scholarships to student athletes. Forde said it’s very difficult to allot money to different sports and athletes on campus especially with Title IX in effect.