By Max Luckan

TAMPA, FL - NOVEMBER 17: Coach Greg Schiano of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers directs play against the Atlanta Falcons November 17, 2013 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. The Bucs won 41 - 28. (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

(Credit, Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

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If consistency were a strength of this Tampa Bay Buccaneers team, they could likely have had a 10-4 record instead of a 4-10 record at this point in the season. Instead, the Bucs are still a bad team that has had one decent string of games all season long.

But where do the Bucs go from here?

Obviously, it is too late for them to salvage their season this year, and most people in the organization are looking forward to next season, and especially the draft.

Out of eight people anonymously questioned, the decision was divided evenly on the topic of head coach Greg Schiano’s future with the team, meaning that four of them thought he would be back next year and the other four thought that the Bucs would move on after the season.

That decision will probably come right after the end of the season, but Schiano doesn’t have much of a chance. Even if the Bucs win these last two games, which they won’t, they will finish with a 6-10 record. That would be a regression from last season, and if the Glazers, the team’s ownership, don’t tolerate one thing, it’s regression. Moreover, the team has been amazingly awful at times this season, especially in the first couple of games this season. For the Glazers, the 0-8 start was definitely humiliating, and that will not sit well with them when they make their final decision.

Then there’s the Josh Freeman saga. It would be wrong to say that all the blame sits with Schiano or Freeman, but Schiano could have handled that situation better. It is not known for sure, but it is fairly certain that he leaked Freeman’s test results to the media, which was one factor that led to him being run out of town. Then again in Schiano’s defense, the move seems to have been for the betterment of the franchise so far, as rookie quarterback Mike Glennon has played fairly well.

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Moving on to Schiano’s perception as being somewhat of a bully, that certainly does not help his image and the Glazers probably do not want the head coach of their football team to be seen as a bully. The funny thing about that image is that people from outside of the Bucs organization have been the ones saying that Schiano is out of line and a bully, but hardly anyone inside the organization has ever labeled Schiano as such.

There are only two logical conclusions one can draw from that, namely either Schiano is actually a bully and has been using scare tactics on current players or others around the league are just bitter and are looking for something bad to say about Schiano and the Bucs.

Mike Glennon’s situation also has to be evaluated at the conclusion of the season. For a while, it looked like Glennon would definitely be the franchise quarterback going forward, but his play has slipped recently and questions about his consistency are starting to arise again. The Bucs do have time to evaluate their options for sure, but the fans likely won’t wait much longer.

Do not forget about general manager Mark Dominik, either. Dominik has been lurking in the background and has been silent for most of the season. His job could very well be on the line as well, but the media and fans have not directed any criticism towards the man who leads the talent evaluation.

The Bucs have two games left to see how things go, but the fans are starting to assure the team that time is running out.

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