By: Jim Lighthall

Barring an upset this weekend in either the ACC or Big Ten title games, the SEC could be shutout of the BCS National Championship for the first time since 2006. An amazing run of seven-straight championships by one conference might never be matched again in college football history. Alabama, Auburn, Florida and LSU have all hoisted the crystal trophy during that stretch – and some more than once.

Although the non-conference schedules of some SEC teams have been the target of criticism, league heavyweights continue to take on stiff competition … and win. In the last five years, the four teams listed above have regular season wins over Michigan, Penn State, Virginia Tech, Clemson, West Virginia, Florida State, Washington, Texas A&M (if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em) and TCU.

So who gets the credit – or the blame – for ending this Reign of Terror? Believe it or not it might just be the SEC itself. Maybe the term “cannibalism” fits best here. With no less than seven teams currently ranked in the latest BCS standings, which is exactly half of the league, the chances of getting through a season unscathed anymore isn’t very good.

Now, if Michigan State beats Ohio State on Saturday or Duke pulls the stunner on Florida State, the national championship game will likely have an SEC representative for an eighth-straight year. And if both generate upsets, then the final BCS title game could be an all-SEC affair. If that happens, then you can line your bird cage with his article because the SEC will be reigning supreme once again.