Mark Cook joined Marc Ryan tonight as he does every Tuesday to talk about the latest news from One Buc place.  Of course, Cook and Ryan had to go back and forth on their love for the Noles and Gators and the greatness that is Jameis Winston.

Mark cook did talk about how vital this Monday night game is important for the future of this team and how the locker room continues to be surprised by how this team just cannot find a way to win a game.  Many of the vets are still flabbergasted at the teams 0-8 record.   The players did enjoy the spotlight of Thursday Night Football, but really grew up on Monday Night Football and are looking forward to being the spotlight game on Monday Night.

Cook believes that the Bucs will pick up their first win this upcoming Monday against Miami and that the talent on these teams are very similar match-ups to each other.  Cook did say that the longer that the team goes without a win, that the harder it will be to believe that a get that victory.

Cook also talked about Greg Schiano wanting to put his stamp on the team by bringing in the guys who he believes are his vision of a Buccaneers men and guys that can play and act the way he believes should play the game.