Tonight with Marc Ryan, Bryant McFadden joined the show to talk about the latest in the NFL. Bryant says that the Bucs organization must make the move to get rid of Greg Schiano and make the change at the end of the season.  A guy like Schiano according to Bryant must win in order for his style of coaching to work.

When asked about the guys still playing hard, Bryant said that the guys are not playing for their coach, they are playing to keep their jobs with the team.

The other big issue in the NFL is the Richie Incognito story, and when asked about it, Bryant talked about what he saw in the NFL locker room. Bryant said that he never experienced anything to the level of what Johnathan Martin went through with Incognito.  He also said that he never saw or experienced to that level in the locker room, and that it is not apart of the “NFL culture” that some feel exist.

Bryant did say that it was probably best for him to step back from the team for a while, rather then stay in the current situation, and did what was best for him. Bryant did add at the end that if Richie Incognito was apart of his team, he would not feel comfortable welcoming him back in his locker room.