By: Justin Pawlowski - on twitter: @CommishOnlineBy Justin Pawlowski

It was the game we hadn’t seen yet, nor did we expect.

The Bucs jumped out to a 21 point lead against arguably the best team in the NFL in the toughest place to play in sports.

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They still found a way to lose.

As Bucs fans, we’ve seen as many different ways to lose a game as you could possibly have with a record of 0-8.

The Bucs lost to the Jets on a mental lapse by Lavonte David as he shoved Geno Smith out of bounds, received a 15-yard penalty, and set up the Jets game-winning field goal.

The Bucs lost to the Saints because Greg Schiano was too scared to allow Josh Freeman to throw the ball on a manageable 3rd down late in the game, when a first down would have iced the game. Instead, the Bucs were content with a 1-point lead as they watched Drew Brees march his team down the field and kick the game-winning field goal.

The Josh Freeman era came to an end as the Bucs lost to the Patriots.

The Bucs lost to the Cardinals as Greg Schiano was not too scared to allow his rookie quarterback to throw crucial passes late in the game resulting in 2 interceptions and a Cardinals win.

The Bucs lost to the Eagles when their zone coverage got torched by an offense that thrives versus zone coverage.

The Bucs lost to the Falcons who have been the league’s most disappointing team and had three key starters out on offense.

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The Bucs lost to the Panthers by finally just getting blown out in a game.

Today’s loss to the Seahawks might just take the prize as toughest Bucs game to watch in 2013.

With a 21-0 lead, Greg Schiano predictably did what Greg Schiano does, playing to hold on to that lead and play “not to lose.”  That strategy, again, led to the Seahawks coming back to send the game to overtime, and then promptly winning in overtime.  The Bucs, who were creative on offense in the 1st half, became very predictable in the 2nd half offensively, were on their heals defensively, and seemed to have made little adjustments to what the Seahawks were doing.

The fans are tired of all this losing and embarrassment.

While the Thursday night football game against the Panthers got ugly in the stands with signs that said “Fire Schiano” and chants of “We Want Lovie,” Monday Night Football on November 11 against the Miami Dolphins could end up being one of the ugliest games Raymond James Stadium has ever endured in regards to the fans in the stands.

There is already a twitter campaign for a “Blackout” for all Bucs fans attending Monday Night Football against the Dolphins to wear black as a funeral for the Bucs. The signs will be meaner.  The language will be nastier. The chants will be more creative.

Oh, and the Bucs will be inducting Warren Sapp into the team’s Ring of Honor at halftime. How appropriate? Greg Schiano’s biggest critic gets center stage during one of the ugliest nights in the organizations history. Sapp entered the NFL with the “Yucs” and it looks like he’ll be inducted by the “Yucs” as well.

What exactly is “the Bucs life?”

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Perhaps, the next head coach will help us find it!!