Scott Reynolds from Pewter Report joins Booger Rich every Friday at 4:20pm to take you inside One Buc Place and prepare you for this weekend’s matchup with the Seahawks.

Bill Sheridan defended Greg Schiano this week saying he’s a hard working guy and doesn’t deserve the criticism. Reynolds said Sheridan was telling the truth, that Schiano is a hard worker. He also said the locker room is loosening up this week and isn’t as tightly wound as usual. Even Schiano’s demeanor is looser.

Gerald McCoy said his coaches don’t like when helps other players off the field. Reynolds said that McCoy told the media that it was taken out of context. Schiano also said that he doesn’t mandate any rule on that. Reynolds said these comments are getting blown out of proportion.

Darrelle Revis said his knee hasn’t been healthy enough to play press man coverage and Reynolds said to a degree this gets Schiano off the hook for not making Revis play more man coverage. Reynolds also said that Schiano was probably trying to protect Revis by not saying anything but you have to learn you’ll be questioned in the NFL for your scheme when it’s not working. When you don’t let the media know about it, then you’re going to take some heat.


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