By Rich Herrera

Everyday when I leave work there are things I wished I would have done or said on the show. So today I debut “Things I forgot to say on the RADIO”. This will be some random things from the show, that I wished I would have brought up, “Oh darn I wish I would have said this” or “I forgot to make that point”. Basically I get the last word from the BOOGER AND RICH SHOW everyday.

On Today’s show the biggest thing that blew up was Dez Bryant and his sideshow during the Cowboys last-minute loss to the Lions. In case you missed it Dez Bryant had a meltdown and threw a temper tantrum. If you ask Tony Romo his wide out was just trying to rally his team and fire them up. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said he was OK with passion from his star wide receiver. Jason Witten might have another idea if you ask me.

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So let me set this record straight, passion is a must for anyone in life, especially if you are ever going to make it in professional sports. But there is a line. There is diminishing return to someone’s passion if they take it too far. So with Dez Bryant, when and where is the line?? If there is no line when it comes to emotional outbursts who keeps him accountable? How far can he push his passionate outbursts? Can he scream the at QB when he doesn’t throw him the ball? Can he chew out the coaches for running the ball instead of throwing it to him? If two players are open at the same time and he doesn’t get the ball can he walk over and lash out at the guy who caught the pass?

Where is the line? In Dallas the owner met with him after the game and said he was ok with what he did on the sideline. So if his acting is accepatble, because he is just trying to win, what else will be ok for him to do? Can he run his own route because he is passionate and trying to win? Can he insert and sub himself in and out of a game because he is just trying to win? Can he demand a change in the game plan because he wants the ball and is just passionate for the game? OK I know these examples are silly. I get that, but so is the fact, after the game Dez Bryant and the Cowboys think his act is not silly.

Look everyone in the game gets excited. Everyone in the game plays with passion and energy and excitement. So if it is ok for Dez to act like that, shouldn’t it be ok for everyone to act like that. To yell and scream and get in their teammates faces, when they want, because they are passionate. Shouldn’t the guard and the center be able to yell at the QB for holding the ball too long? Shouldn’t the running back be able to go off on the left tackle for not blocking well enough? To tell you the truth, things like that go on during games, on the side lines and in the locker room. It is just that this time it was caught on camera.

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My point is everyone can get a little nutty in the heat of the game. Everyone does, Manning, Brady, no one is immune from letting their emotions get out of control in the heat of battle. But after the fact when things calm down, there is usually an “ok sorry dude I was a bit out of control”, if you step over the line. From Dez Bryant, we got none of that, after the game he saw nothing wrong with what he did. He had no remorse, saw no reason to be embarrassed. That tells me for Dez Bryant and the Cowboys there is no line.

With the owners and the team enabling him to act in this manner, Dez is heading down a road that many of us would take if we had no one to hold us accountable for our actions. Will he follow in the footsteps of T.O. or Ocho Cinco? Who knows. Will I see him three years from now doing sit ups in his driveway? I will tell you this,if he does the Cowboys have no one other than themselves to blame.

Remember the poem “If” by Kipling about keeping your head about you when all others are losing theirs. Good luck Dez your going to need it.

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