Some Random Thoughts

Last night on MNF Josh Freeman was “God Awful” that is not Fran Tarkington that is the Big Fajita saying this. The entire game was horrible. The Giants are bad and the Vikings were worse. A few things that Bucs fans have seen over and over Josh missing receivers, Josh getting sacked, Josh getting picked off. Josh is such an enigma, a riddle wrapped in a question. He is tall and strong and has a cannon arm. He also has no touch, is not accurate and misses too many wide open receivers. Do you know what enigmas are in sports, coach killers and GM head ache makers. Coaches fall in love with the strong-arm of a QB and can talk themselves into over looking his faults. Like a girl you are all hot and bothered for and would do anything to be with her, even though she steals your wallet and cheats on your with your best friend, when you are smitten no matter how bad you know she is, you will still run off with her because you think you can change her, love her enough and she can change. Same with a rifle armed QB, I can coach him up make him better, he just needs me to bring him to my team and I can change him. That is what coaches do, make players better. These QB enigmas are also head aches for GM’s because even if it is the Head Coach that begs for him, it’s on your resume if it doesn’t work out. I was not a Freeman guy, saw too much to put my name on it, and was still not convinced he was the man. But with that said there are ways about going about putting a team on the field. If the Bucs didn’t want him they should have cut him loose in the off-season. if you take him into camp as a lame duck, maybe you get lucky and he lives up to his promise. If not you have to live with that as well. The Bucs completely misplaced their cards when they brought him back this season, and then made it worse the way they bungled the breakup which has helped derail this season.

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Miami can say whew today that the NCAA has dropped a hammer on the program. No death penalty for the Canes, but the damage has been done. Sitting in limbo for so long has had a chilling effect on the Miami football team. The kids have be denied chances to go to bowl games and play in the ACC championship. They have had recruits not come to Miami. They have had to spin their wheels for years bleeding to death until the NCAA got off their rumps. 9 scholarships taken away officially is what the hammer dropped on them. But don’t forget they imposed two years of post season bans that they self imposed. two words of advice for Miami, stop cheating and now that this is behind you GET YOUR SWAGGER BACK, IT’S A CANES THING AND NCAA WOULDN’T UNDERSTAND !!!!

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There is a story out of Texas that a parent of a high school football team has filed a anti bullying complaint after their sons team was beaten 91-0. You know I could get on the coach of the winning team for running up the score, but he called off the dogs early. His team is number one in the state. He pulled his starters in the 1st quarter, the second stringers in the 2nd, and had a running clock to in the second half. The team he beat only dressed 30 players for the game. The back ups came in and he tried not to have them run it up, but as he said what do I do ask my 5th stringer to don’t play well, I know you have busted your butt in practice to get a chance to play, and I know your parents are thrilled to see you play finally, but I want to go Shoeless Joe and throw the game. The winning coach is not the issue. The issue is the misguided parent who filed the complaint. Look we all do everything we can to protect our kids and family. I know the kids who got beat were bummed out after the game, and that is sting they will live with for a long time. But filing the bullying lawsuit if the worst thing you can EVER do. In this nation we have a systemic problem with bullies. In the old days we could go sticks and stones. Get over it and you know boys will be boys. In 2013 that is not the case. Times have changed, think about it the issues that kids face today are so much advanced from what you went through. Think about this as a kid what a shock it was to see the SI swimsuit issue. It was so risqué some people asked it not to be sent to their house. Today most kids would not even bother noticing it because they see far more graphic stuff on prime time TV. Kids today are on-line they have cell phones and live the lives of 20 year olds of twenty years ago in the 7th grade today. We can’t take bullying for granted, we can’t say toughen up butter cup. We can’t say boys will be boys. There is a term called bullycide. Kids taking their own lives because they couldn’t take the pressure of life and the bully pushed them into a dark place where they felt all alone and couldn’t see anyway out other than to KILL themselves. We have had two cases of that this year here in the Bay Area both 12/13-year-old kids pushed past the brink where they thought killing themselves was easier than putting up with being picked on. Take a moment and let that sink when you want to tell a kid sticks and stones. So for they folks of Texas and those of us in the Bay Area, hug your kids, talk to them, realize that bullying is a huge problem. To the parent in Texas I know you love your kid, but are you crying wolf while a real case of bullying goes on without a kid getting help because your complaint makes a mockery of what if going in our country.

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To the cast and writers of The League this season has been hit and miss, get your A game on I expect better from one of my favorite shows.