By: Justin Pawlowski - on Twitter: @CommishOnlineBy Justin Pawlowski

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost for the third straight week to start this 2013 season.  An 0-3 start in the NFL, typically means that your calendar will be clear in January and early February.

Since the NFL expanded the playoffs to include 12 teams in 1990, only three teams have started a season 0-3 and went on to play in the post-season.  The 1998 Buffalo Bills are the last team to do this.

We aren’t naïve to think this Buccaneer team will magically turn things around and go 10-3 to end this season, are we?

I’m not getting into the drama between the head coach and the quarterback because both should be blamed for this sorry excuse to the start of this season.

The head coach is a bully and the quarterback is a mental midget who’s completely lost all his confidence.  The head coach needs to go to a level of football where he can do more bullying and the quarterback needs to go to a level of football where they can pep him up and make him feel wanted.  Neither can happen in the N…F…L!!!

Take a long look at this Buccaneer organization.  There is a lot of talent on both sides of the ball.  Some of this talent has come from free agency and some has come from the NFL draft.  This is the precise way you build a roster.  However, I don’t care how much talent you have, if you have friction between two of the most questionable members of your organization in two of the most important positions in any organization, then your team will be a joke! This is what the Bucs have become.

Ultimately blame travels up, so Mark Dominik is next.  Whether you agree or disagree with the way he has pieced together this team, he and the Glazers failed to solidify the two most important aspects of a franchise these days.

Could the GM, head coach, and quarterback all be gone by next season?

It sure wouldn’t surprise to anyone, would it?

Of course, with a new GM would come a new head coach because the new GM would want “his” guy as a coach, and the two of them would want “their” guy as their new QB.  The good part is that all three would be on the same page!

There is a silver-lining here, though.

The Buccaneers, as an organization, are in a very unique position where a majority of their roster is set, they’re still under the cap, they still have most of their picks for the upcoming draft, and might be just a coach and QB away from being a true contender.

The only way Greg Schiano is fired is if this team continues down this familiar path they’ve set to start this season.  If that happens, that would mean the Buccaneers would have themselves a potential top 5 pick in next April’s draft.  They’d also have money under the cap to maneuver with in free agency.  Both are areas that this new head coach could bring in “his” legit franchise quarterback.

Again, the defense has been impressive and shown flashes of what they could become under even better coaching and schemes than what they already have.  The offense still has their receivers, offensive linemen, and Doug Martin under contract for the next couple years.  The Bucs would not be a hard sell to a big time coach that could finally bring stability to an organization that has lacked every part of that word.

Whether it’s Lovie Smith or Jay Gruden or Bill Cowher or Kevin Sumlin or David Shaw or any other coordinator or any other “SUCCESSFUL” college coach or any other former NFL head coach, that coach will be blessed with a talented roster and the ability to bring in “his” guy at quarterback with a high draft pick or in free agency.

For the potential available quarterbacks, you’d have a chance to come to a team with a good offensive line, good receivers, a dynamic running back, and a good relationship with your head coach because you will be “his” guy.

If Greg Schiano and Josh Freeman want to keep their jobs, all they have to do is succeed, but the odds are in favor of that not happening.

All is not lost for the Bucs moving forward to next year and beyond.

Unfortunately, it would take a damn miracle to resurrect this season from what looks like death already.