Former Super Bowl MVP and Giants QB Phil Simms joined Booger and Rich to talk about the rumors circulating at One Buc and the play of QB Josh Freeman.

Josh Freeman missed the team photo on Labor Day and Simms said that as a QB, you are held to a higher standard whether you are voted a captain or not. You simply can’t miss the team photo.

Simms also played under a disciplinarian like Greg Schiano in Bill Parcells. Simms said Parcells was very hard on his players and affected many of them mentally. However, Simms said Parcells never rubbed his players the wrong way. He had a touch to coaching his players in that way.

Simms said if he could give advice to Josh Freeman, he would tell him to just keep working hard in practice and improving. If he plays hard, Simms says Schiano will have no choice but to start him and will be his best friend.

With all the turmoil surrounding the Buccaneers right now, Simms says the team has to keep believing in what they have been doing. An important element of getting back on track according to Simms is to have clear lines between coaches and players. Coaches have to be in charge and players have to follow. Without that balance, a team will continue to have turmoil.

Simms also addressed the recent rule changes by the NFL to protect players. He says he feels bad for DBs who have played this way their entire careers and doesn’t think most of these players being flagged are dirty.