Mark Cook joined Jeff Zito tonight to break down the latest rumors and drama going on with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and he answered the question about whether or not Josh Freeman did want to be traded away from the Bucs.

Mark also said that in the 11 years of covering the Bucs, he has never dealt with the drama and stories that he has had to report and investigate on then in the last 10 days.  Mark says that Greg Schiano in his wildest dreams, could not have imagined a scenario worse then what is going on with this team off the field.  Unfortunately, he is in a position where all of these things need to be addressed by him.

Mark spoke to NFL Network reporter Andrea Kramer who said that one of the issues that was going on regarding Darrelle Revis and his issues with the type of defense that is being ran, may have been resolved in a conversation with Greg Schiano to clear the air.

One of the bright spots from this season has been the play of the Bucs defense as a group.  The Bucs did give up 400 yards of offense to the Saints, but to hold them to 16 points, is a huge positive that the Bucs can use moving forward for the rest of the season.  Every group, from the D Line creating pressure, to the turnovers being created by the linebackers, are encouraging signs for this franchise.