From the time we walk, we want to run. No guy out there would get on his bicycle as a kid and say to himself “I think I want to go slower.” You’d go faster, flip over the handle bars, skin your knees. Do we learn? Heck, no. You get up, dust yourself off, get back on and hold on for dear life! Well, that’s what Monday night felt like- watching a game in fast forward. An average of 17 seconds between snaps and offensive tackles lined up as wide receivers? This isn’t the football I grew up watching! But I liked it!

We’re always in a hurry, racing, driving fast, so why should our football be any different? I’ve heard people say that guys will wear down, legs won’t last, more plays=more injuries. Maybe, but some food for thought: can you run faster and hit harder at the start of a game or the end? If you think the offense will wear down, what do you think will happen to the defense? Sure, the Eagles weren’t as fast in the second half, as crisp, but this was their first game trying this. What do you think will happen when they do?

When I played hockey, I averaged about 8 minutes a game. If there happened to be an injury or promotion, overtime, it jumped up to 12-15 min and I was sucking air, lungs and legs burning and cramping. Gatorade, yes please! But you do that for a couple of games and all of a sudden your body gets conditioned to doing that. Then it’s no big deal. Do you work in a office? Sit most of the day? Your buddies call you to play basketball or football on the weekend and the next day every bone and muscle in your body hurts? Well that’s because your body isn’t used to doing that. The first time I’d get on the ice in the off season, I’d find muscles I hadn’t used in awhile. A couple times out and you’re back in the swing of things. We will see if that’s the case for the Philadelphia Eagles. If so, buckle up and enjoy the ride!!!

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