By Roxanne Wilder

Seriously, wouldn’t it be great if these two twenty-year olds (going on twelve) got married? How cool would that wedding be? Miley could wear her flesh tone bodysuit in lieu of a classic white wedding dress. She could name all of her bridesmaids Molly, and the groomsmen could wear teddy bear costumes. Forget about the played out choreographed wedding dances. Johnny could pantomime signing autographs as they made their grand entrance as husband and wife. And during their vows they could pledge to always uphold their shared motto, “You can’t tell me how to live my life!”

Miley and Johnny are two of the most tweeted about, hash tagged about celebs of the summer. And whether it’s good press or bad, it probably makes them happy either way.

I don’t dislike these kids and I don’t judge these kids. They’re acting in a way that is anything but surprising given their backgrounds. They’re typical narcissists-by-nurture. It’s hard to escape fame without a cloak of hyper-conceit.

I’m not saying that Miley hasn’t worked hard as a performer; I wouldn’t doubt that during her Hannah Montana run some child labor laws weren’t violated. And I’m not saying that Johnny Football hasn’t put plenty of sweat equity into his gridiron career, all alarm clock mishaps aside. But by and large, these are just two kids turning into kidults―adults who will never emotionally mature beyond their kid persona―who, by birth, hit the lottery with good genes and mega-rich parents. And for that reason, who are we to judge them?

Miley’s VMA performance was offensive to many, but also a savvy PR move that catapulted her in the music industry. Johnny’s behavior on game day was a big screw-you to the NCAA. But who’s to say the NCAA always has collegiate athletes’ best interests at heart?

Nope. I definitely don’t judge these two, but I’ll feel some sympathy for them when their ride around the big stage slows down or ends abruptly.

Remember when Tim Tebow was a twenty-year old and people got on him about being too preachy, too goody-goody? Saints and heathens in the limelight receive the same doses of public censure. You may as well just be yourself. I get the sense that Miley & Johnny are doing just that, and what you see is what they are.

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