(CBS TAMPA) — Former United Nations Ambassador Andrew Young stated that Trayvon Martin is one of several martyrs under the cause of civil rights violence and injustice.

In a lead-up to President Barack Obama’s address marking the 50th anniversary of the civil rights movement March on Washington, the former U.N. ambassador under President Jimmy Carter interrupted MSNBC guest host Joy Ann-Reid’s question on troubles in the African-American community to express his thoughts on the Trayvon Martin case.

“No, Trayvon is a martyr. We’ve had a string of martyrs from the time of Emmett Till. Every generation has its string of martyrs and they’re going to continue. And we celebrate them and we lift them up to know that they’re not lost,” said Young.

“But I can never forget that three weeks after this magnificent speech four little girls were bombed in their Sunday school class and two kids, who nobody ever knew about, were slaughtered riding bicycles for nothing.”

In addition to his ambassadorship, Young has served as the mayor of Atlanta, a congressman in Georgia’s 5th district and as a member of the Southern Christian Leadership Council (SCLC) during the 1960s Civil Rights Movement.

“The world will never be perfect, but we can never accept this kind of suffering, injustice,” continued Young. “And, for me, Zimmerman is just as much a tragedy as Trayvon. His life is ruined over a love of guns and a false sense of what manhood is.”

“A wannabe cop,” adds a show guest off-camera.

“The president’s business is to talk to us and say something that is going to have an impact on Egypt at the same time,” Young said, “because our problems of poverty are reflected in the 50 million people in the streets of Egypt because the economy doesn’t include them.”

Young continued: “The world is falling apart and nobody can bring it back together and nobody can define a vision of victory but a president of the United States.”

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