Super Bowl Champion, former NFL MVP and current NFL Network analyst Kurt Warner joined Booger and Rich to talk about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and quarterback Josh Freeman’s latest criticism.

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“I love Josh,” Warner said. “I think he’s got a huge upside.”

Warner said it’s all about consistency with Freeman. He said that Freeman is a smart kid that has a chance to be extremely successful. Warner says he’s at his best when he’s able to stretch the field. Freeman isn’t at his best when he has to dink and dunk according to Warner.

When it comes to preseason and the reps Freeman is getting, Warner said he hated going into a game when he was only going to get 8 or 10 plays. Warner enjoyed getting work not for the physical benefits but for the mental preparation where you can slow the game down Week 1.

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“If you’re gonna put me in, let me play,” Warner said.

With the NFC South shaping up to be one of the best divisions in football, Warner said he could see just about anybody coming out of it. He says he sees the Saints and Falcons holding onto the top spots, but can see good things happening in Tampa Bay.

“There’s a great deal of potential here, we just haven’t seen it come together,” Warner told Booger and Rich.

When it comes to reading a defense, Warner says it’s about being able to process the information quickly and trusting your wide receivers once you get rid of the ball. Touch, velocity and anticipation are key when trying to make a perfect pass. Warner said not everyone has that ability but it can be learned simply by playing the game and playing it often.

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Warner also stressed the importance of mechanics with young quarterbacks. He noted how Drew Brees always has great footwork and hip rotation which allows him to make great throws consistently.