By: Justin Pawlowski - on Twitter: @CommishOnlineBy Justin Pawlowski

If any of you are looking for an outstanding podcast to listen to during your free time during NFL draft season, I recommend that you take a listen to the shutdown corner podcast from Yahoo Sports.

The podcast is hosted by NFL Films’ Greg Cosell and Yahoo Sports Football editor Doug Farrar.

Farrar recently wrote one of the most in-depth pieces anyone has spent time on to dissect what has been the issues with Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman.

Farrar pointed out that not all of Freeman’s problems are his own, but that it is time for Freeman to take responsibility for most of them.

Mechanical issues were a big part of the problems that Farrar had with Freeman.  Farrar also acknowledged that  Freeman “tends to freeze under pressure, he’s still balky and uneven in the pocket, his footwork is inconsistent at best, and he tends to zoom passes that should be relatively simple as much as he makes the “wow” throws that speak to his impressive potential.”

In this very fair piece on Josh Freeman, Farrar used quotes from both Ron Jaworski and Greg Cosell on the film study that they have done on Freeman.

“In his first full year as a starter … there was a sense that this kid was on his way to being elite. When I looked at that year carefully after the season, I thought many of his plays came off improvisation, came off movement.”

“I am not suggesting that is a negative. [But] it is very hard to be consistent playing that way because there is such a random and arbitrary element to that. We never talk about the plays that don’t work when quarterbacks move, we only talk about the plays that do work. I thought even in that first year he needed a lot of work as a consistent, precision pocket passer. And I think he has been very erratic in his development in that area.”

This truly is an excellent piece and Doug Farrar will be joining Fan Interference with Justin Pawlowski and Jim Lighthall to discuss this on Tuesday at 10:40.