It seems like it has become easy to bash a fan base that has been given little to be loyal to for more than a decade.

Enter the fans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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Since the Bucs super bowl win, the Buccaneers have slowly dismantled their championship team, made numerous mistakes in free agency and the draft, and consistently did things that pushed their own fan base away.  Multiple average to losing seasons did not help either.

As the Bucs embark on a season that they hope ends with the team in the postseason and the fans back in the stands, it does not deter folks from attacking the fan base for the organization’s mistakes over the years.

Students in Emory University’s Sports Marketing Analytics program in Atlanta just completed a study to find out who the most and least loyal fans are in the NFL. Rather than simply going by the amount of tickets sold, these students factored in area population, team win/loss record, income, stadium capacity, and other factors to determine who are the fans that love their team more than others.

If you’re wondering if the Bucs are the worst, they aren’t! Bucs fans are actually better than Falcons fans, so take that Atlanta!

1. Dallas Cowboys

2. New England Patriots

3. New York Jets

4. New Orleans Saints

5. New York Giants

6. Indianapolis Colts

7. Chicago Bears

8. Baltimore Ravens

9. Pittsburgh Steelers

10. Tennessee Titans

11. San Diego Chargers

12. Denver Broncos

13. Washington Redskins

14. Green Bay Packers

15. Carolina Panthers

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16. Houston Texans

17. Philadelphia Eagles

18. Minnesota Vikings

19. Cincinnati Bengals

20. Cleveland Browns

21. Kansas City Chiefs

22. St. Louis Rams

23. Seattle Seahawks

24. Buffalo Bills

25. Miami Dolphins

26. San Francisco 49ers

27. Jacksonville Jaguars

28. Detroit Lions

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

30. Arizona Cardinals

31. Atlanta Falcons

32. Oakland Raiders


There you have it, the Bucs have better fans than the Cardinals, Falcons, and Raiders.

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However, the Bucs have worse fans than the Lions, Jaguars, and Dolphins, which makes me sick!