LONGWOOD, Fla. (CBS Tampa) – A local bar owner was arrested Wednesday after he was caught on camera spiking the drinks he made for one of his female bartenders.

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that Jeffery Roberson, the 48-year-old owner of the Shovelhead Lounge, was closing the bar with one of his bartenders when the poisoning incidents occurred.

Roberson reportedly decided, along with the unnamed 27-year-old female employee, to have a drink. Though she usually was the one who prepared them, Roberson insisted upon doing so in this instance, the paper learned.

When handed her drink, the bartender noticed a small amount of a clear liquid with what she called “black dots” in the bottom of the glass. When she asked Roberson about it, he claimed it was Sprite, an arrest report stated.

The two proceeded to have several shots, each of which had what the bartender called a “weird” taste.

Soon after consumption, the bartender experienced an increase in her heart rate, elevated body temperature, tingling in her arms and cheeks and a clenched jaw. When she mentioned her symptoms to Roberson, he threw out the cups they drank from and began washing out the mixers, the Sentinel learned.

That was when the bartender reached out to her boyfriend.

“I think my boss drugged me,” she stated.

Her boyfriend picked her up, then took her to Florida Hospital Altamonte. There, doctors were able to determine the presence of a stimulant amphetamine through a toxicology test. Further implicating Roberson was video taken on a security camera, which shows him slipping the substance into her drink at five times during the course of the night.

According to the paper, Roberson is now facing five charges of poisoning a drink.

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    Criminal charge of Assault First Degree by Poisoning, and possibly, Attempted Murder.

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