Thursday night Alex Cobb returned to the mound after a stint on the 60 DL when he was hit in the head by a line drive back in June. Cobb was stellar and picked up a win over the Mariners. Cobb joined Booger and guest host Jim Lighthall to talk about his return.

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Cobb said it felt awesome to go out in front of the home crowd.

“It was a great night,” Cobb said.

Cobb said he reached out to J.A. Happ who was also hit by a line drive this season and discussed the challenges of coming back from that type of injury. Cobb said it was great to see both he and Happ make it back out onto the mound.

Initially, Cobb said he didn’t think getting hit in the head was a big deal. He felt stunned but something seemed to keep him down on the ground and wouldn’t let him up. Rays trainer Ron Porterfield was out before the play was over and Cobb said as he lay on the stretcher, things got scary.

“The roof of the Trop started spinning,” Cobb said.

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After a trip to the hospital, Cobb said every test showed that he was ok and he only had to deal with the pain and headaches in his recovery.

Cobb said he had vertigo issues during his rehab and even had to throw up on a car ride home. He said it was troublesome just to walk early on in the recovery process. Once he conquered the vertigo issue, he was ready to get back out and pitch.

“I felt I was ready to pursue getting back out on the mound as quickly as possible,” Cobb said after moving on from his vertigo issues. “I was extremely excited to get back out there.”

Did Cobb ever think that this could be the last time he ever pitched?

“No,” Cobb said plainly. The only issues he had to battle were mental and outside sources said he would never pitch again, but as Cobb pointed out, those rumors weren’t true.

Cobb said in Thursday night’s game that he settled in during the 3rd inning after Raul Ibanez hit a long home run off of him in the 2nd. Cobb said he was thinking too much about his mechanics and loosened himself up after giving up the bomb. Despite loading the bases, Cobb pitched out of a bases loaded jam and went on to pick up the win.

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“I was both physically and mentally drained at that point,” Cobb said. “I was just happy it was over with.”