It became the worst kept secret to try and draft an elite quarterback as soon as you could in your fantasy football draft.  Now, top quarterbacks can be found into the 3rd, 4th, or even 5th round.

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In our Fantasy Football league, QBs will score 6 points for both throwing and running touchdowns.  Personally, I can’t stand having one worth more than the other because they aren’t worth different points in the actual games.

Also, be sure to check out our RB Rankings.

Here’s how Fan Interference ranks the Quarterbacks for this season.

The Commish Justin Pawlowski’s QB Rankings:

1. Drew Brees – NO – We might all be splitting hairs between Brees and Aaron Rodgers.  Both of these quarterbacks should put up big numbers.  I like Sean Payton coming back and having added motivation after last season.  Brees should thrive.

2. Aaron Rodgers – GB – Rodgers lost Greg Jennings to free agency and recently lost his left tackle for the season due to injury.  The biggest concern with Rodgers is his lack of protection, and with Bryan Bulaga now gone, his offensive line just got worse.

3. Peyton Manning – DEN – Manning added Wes Welker to his arsenal that could also include Demaryius Thomas becoming a legit star at wide receiver.  Manning also still faces the Chiefs, Raiders, and Chargers secondaries twice a year.

4. Matt Ryan – ATL – Julio Jones, Roddy White, and Tony Gonzalez.

5. Cam Newton – CAR – Newton was fantastic at the end of last year.  He still does not have much to throw to, but he hasn’t had much to this point and has still had much success.  The one concern I have with Newton is that his new offensive coordinator is Mike Freaking Shula!!!

6. Tom Brady – NE – I thought about this a lot. I think Brady has a better chance of elevating his new weapons to his level than he does of falling down to their level.  He’s still one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

7. Matthew Stafford – DET – Stafford has a lot to work with on offense including the possibility of an actual run game.  While Reggie Bush might make the Lions a little more balanced, it could also boost the production of Stafford through the air.

8. Colin Kaepernick – SF – Kaepernick exploded into the NFL late last season.  His combination of passing and running has made him a popular name when it has come to fantasy quarterbacks.  I’m cautious with Kaepernick until I see him succeed for an entire season.

9. Tony Romo – DAL – Romo has great weapons to work with and his offensive line should be improved.  If Demarco Murray can stay healthy and give opposing defenses a run game to worry about, Romo could go back to throwing 30+ TDs.

10. Andrew Luck – IND – The natural progression should see Luck improve on his statistics from last year.  Like Kaepernick, I hate drafting a fantasy quarterback on potential, but that might be why you draft Luck, and it might pay off.

11. Robert Griffin III – WAS – My main concerns are injuries and how the injuries effect his game.  I’d expect RG3 to become more of a pocket passer and not run around as much as he did last year.

12. Eli Manning – NYG – Manning struggled last season by his standards, but he always has potential for 30+ TDs and less than 15 INTs.  Getting Victor Cruz back was a big boost.

13. Russell Wilson – SEA – While losing Percy Harvin was a big blow, Wilson put up pretty damn good numbers last year without him.  Look for Golden Tate to have a big year.

14. Jay Cutler – CHI – Cutler has the best offensive line in front of him this year since he was in Denver leading the Broncos to the best offense in the NFL.  In a contract year, Cutler could put up big numbers.

15. Michael Vick – PHI – This could change by the end of August, but if Vick wins the starting job in Philadelphia, he could put up huge numbers in Chip Kelly’s offense.

Jim Lighthall’s QB Rankings:

1. Drew Brees – he’ll threaten 5,000 yards again and with Sean Peyton returning to the sidelines I expect the interceptions to decrease

2. Aaron Rodgers – narrowly edged out by Brees by a razor-thin margin for the top spot … should have made them 1 and 1A.

3. Petyon Manning – he’ll throw a ton of TD’s and the addition of Wes Welker only helps

4. Colin Kaepernick – he should be even better in Year Two as a starter … and he only scratched the surface of his running ability in ’12

5. Tom Brady – slides a little due to loss of weapons and the fact that the Pats will need a couple of weeks to get rolling again

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6. Matt Ryan – he could put up Super Tecmo Bowl-like numbers with all of those weapons

7. Cam Newton – as long as he keeps the interceptions under control you’ll love him

8. Andrew Luck – playing from behind a lot will mean big passing numbers from him … again

9. Matt Stafford – hasn’t missed a game in two years and the threat of a running game should open up the pass game even more

10. Tony Romo – don’t judge him by his win-loss record … only judge him on his numbers

11. Russell Wilson – the Seahawks still want to run the ball first

12. Eli Manning – just another run-of-the-mill 4,200 yard, 25 TD season

13. Robert Griffin III … his knee scares me to death … and I just don’t see the rushing numbers because of it this year

14. Philip Rivers – the Chargers will be behind a lot and he’ll find someone to throw to … he always has

15. Jay Cutler – could have easily put Roethlisberger, Freeman, Flacco, Freeman or Dalton here. I think all of them will have very similar numbers

Pants’ QB Rankings:

1). Aaron Rodgers –I don’t see the best Fantasy QB of the last 5 years slowing down anytime soon. Losing Greg Jennings won’t affect his numbers. Roll with A-Rodge in the mid 1st round.

2). Drew Brees –Getting Sean Payton back will help Brees out tremendously. Many fantasy experts have him at Number 1.

3). Matt Ryan –Nobody has a better set of weapons than Matty Ice. Playing in a dome helps too.

4). Cam Newton –Cam started off slow last year, but really started to kill it around mid-season. He’s RGII with durability.

5). Andrew Luck –He will be the Number 1 QB within 2 years. He’s that good.

6). Colin Kaepernick – Has the arm/legs combo that fantasy owners love. Another year in Jim Harbaugh’s offense will only make him better.

7). Peyton Manning –He’s going to like Wes Welker… a lot.

8). Tom Brady – Losing Welker, Aaron Hernandez and possibly Rob Gronkowski will hurt Mr. Bunchin’s numbers. It has to.

9). Josh Freeman –That’s right! I said it! Year 2 in Bill Sullivan’s offense along with 2013 being a contract year should do wonders for Freeman’s numbers.
4500 yards and 30+ TD’s are within reach.

10). Eli Manning –Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks could be the best 1-2 punch in football.

11). Mathew Stafford – Last year was disappointing for Stafford. Adding Reggie Bush will help, but finding a Number 2 receiver would help more.

12). RGIII –Maybe the most intriguing QB on the board. He could be a great value-pick.

13). Tony Romo –Lots of weapons and an improved offensive line should help Dallas’ $100,000,000 man.

14). Jay Cutler –Like Freeman, Jay Cutler is in a contract year and like Stafford he needs to find a Number 2 receiver.

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15). Russell Wilson –I would’ve ranked him higher had it not been for Percy Harvin’s hip injury.