St. Petersburg Mayor Bill Foster recently commented that the Tampa Bay Rays may have to move out of St. Pete in order to remain in the Tampa Bay area. Mayor Foster joined Booger and Rich to explain his comments and talk about a sustained future of baseball in the Bay Area.

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Mayor Foster told Booger and Rich that he’s always tried to make sure the Rays fulfill their promise to the people of St. Petersburg by remaining in the The Trop through 2027. Mayor Foster however said that if we only take a stand to keep them through their lease, then we will likely lose the Rays completely in 2028.

“The Rays and I are having great dialogue,” the mayor said and didn’t mean to “drop a bomb” on everyone with his comments earlier this week.

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Mayor Foster also said he understands that Tampa has to be at the table with the Rays along with St. Pete to ensure that the Rays remain in the Tampa Bay area for a very long time, but that’s after the Rays fulfill their obligations to St. Petersburg.

“If St. Pete wants to be at the table…then the discussions need to happen now,” Mayor Foster said. He reiterated that this is a conversation for the future of the team into 2028, 2038 and even 2048.

Mayor Foster also said that he still wants St. Pete to remain the home of the Rays because they are one of the most exciting teams in baseball and their play is valuable to the community.

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“I think the ball club will have tremendous success in Tampa Bay,” Mayor Foster said whether that be in St. Pete or Tampa. The mayor said that fans need to start showing up to games to demonstrate that we are a major league region whether the stadium is in Pinellas or Hillsborough County.