By: Justin Pawlowski Twitter: @CommishOnlineBy Justin Pawlowski

Much has been made about the people Warren Sapp mentioned and the ones he failed to mention in his Hall of Fame induction speech.

While Sapp failed to mention former defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin, Ronde Barber, Hardy Nickerson, and the man who drafted him in 1995 Rich McKay, the most notable name left out of Sapp’s speech was his former defensive line coach Rod Marinelli.

While some people will try to make a big deal about this last omission, it was not due to a lack of respect for his former coach.

“I love that man,” Sapp told the Booger and Rich show on 98.7 The Fan on Friday afternoon.

“I was just talking to him [Marinelli] right now.  I was like, what if they [the Glazer family] didn’t take Dungy and bring Dungy to Tampa. As long as they brought Marinelli with them, I would be fine.”

Sapp has spent a majority of his career talking about the impact that Marinelli has made on him and everyone else he has coached.

Former Buccaneer and teammate of Warren Sapp, Booger McFarland, said that Rod Marinelli is the greatest assistant coach in the history of the NFL.

“I know Dungy gave us the direction, the structure, the know-how, but for me, Marinelli was my cat nip,” Sapp continued. “Marinelli had a challenge for me at every corner, every chance.”

Rod Marinelli had the task of developing as impactful of a pass rush as possible because of Tony Dungy’s unwillingness to blitz and mainly rely on the front four players to provide pressure on opposing quarterbacks.  Marinelli exceeded expectations as the Buccaneers possessed one of the most feared pass rushes in the NFL during his time in Tampa Bay.

“He always had an answer,” Sapp said.

Marinelli should not worry about being mentioned in one speech.  He was one of the main people responsible for developing Warren Sapp into the Hall of Famer that he was.  It is more than apparent to people close to Sapp that the relationship between the two is a strong one.

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