Just hours before being inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame, Tampa Bay Buccaneers great Warren Sapp joined Booger and Rich in Canton, Ohio to talk about this special moment in his career and his life.

Knowing this experience will fly by, Sapp mentioned that he’s trying not to miss a thing.

“I’m soaking it up like a sponge,” Sapp said.

Sapp talked about how much his mother meant to him. He said she instilled a strong work ethic in him.

“She instilled a work ethic in me Mac. It didn’t matter the day, the weather, the time, if it was your job and your responsibility, get it done ’cause don’t nobody want to hear no excuses about why you didn’t get it done…GET IT DONE!”

Sapp said he can’t put in words what the Glazer family did for he and his family by drafting him back in the 90’s. He also had a message for Bucs fans.

“To every fan that sat on their butts and turned on the TV that it was 3rd and whatever and you said ‘Get him Sapp,’ I want to say thank you.”

Sapp also said he’s in Canton to represent all of Tampa Bay and all of the Buccaneers including John Lynch, Ronde Barber, Derrick Brooks and our own Booger McFarland.

Sporting News Archive/Getty Images

Sporting News Archive/Getty Images

Sapp said he has to calm himself down right now because he’s so excited about Saturday night that it’s unlikely he’ll get any sleep before the induction. He compared it to the night before the Super Bowl when all his emotions couldn’t be contained.

Sapp said he was sitting in a room with greatness on Friday and couldn’t believe he’s gotten to this point in his career. He described the Hall of Fame as something heavenly and said fellow Hall of Famer Michael Irvin described being around greatness in a way he’d never heard before.

“I was sitting with the Bible of the NFL,” Sapp recalled. “A collection of the greatest men to ever play this game. I was in absolute awe.”

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