It seems like every office or apartment complex has them: the two-spot guy. Well some guys who work in an office building with little to no extra spots available had finally had it. They got their camera and hatched a plan to get revenge on one particular parker that just couldn’t grasp the concept of everyone using one spot for their car… not two. One of the videographers simply parked his truck in the space adjacent to the sports car and hilarity ensues! Watch the fully legal and creative way they got their revenge in the video above.

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Have you ever seen this kind of park-job before? We asked around the office and found the two most common scenarios that this particular offender fits into – see if you’ve dealt with either one:

Scenario 1: You pull in to work, trying to get there early and impress the boss, but two-spot guy forces you into the overflow lot across the street. Sure you wound up at your desk on time, but if you live in Florida like us, you’re covered in sweat from the half-mile hike. Thanks two-spot guy!

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Scenario 2: You’re on your way home from a long day and you stop to pick up the essentials at the supermarket. Car full of groceries, your spot has been eaten up by two-spot guy and now you have to lug half melted ice cream, your kids, and the mail halfway around the complex. Thanks two-spot guy!

No matter which scenario fits, you’ve got to love the sweet revenge these guys got in shaming their co-worker!

Note: No people or cars were injured in the filming of this video.

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