By: Justin Pawlowski Twitter: @CommishonlineBy Justin Pawlowski

Montreal Expos fans are growing in numbers with each day that passes.

It has been a decade since the Expos left Montreal to become the Washington Nationals.  The fans in Montreal have not forgotten and are still considered some of the most passionate fans in baseball.

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A group called “Expos Nation” is now lobbying baseball to bring a team back to Montreal.

Nearly 1,000 members of this group invaded the Rogers Centre on Saturday and took over sections in the outfield.  There goal was to be viewed by all attending the game, and thanks to them being loud, that goal was accomplished.

From the Associated Press:

“Our goal is to celebrate the history of the Expos and show that there is still a viable market for it,” said Matthew Ross, who runs the website Expos Nation and helped organize the trip.

Nearly a decade after the Expos left town, there is a small but growing movement to bring a team back to the city. The possibility has become a recurring topic on local talk radio shows and has even influenced Montreal street fashion.

It’s no accident the group chose to attend a game featuring the Rays, one of the baseball’s more troubled franchises, Ross said.

If they were hoping to get the Rays attention, they were successful.

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From the Rays’ official twitter account:

“Hey @ExposNation, we hear you out in LF at Rogers Centre. What better team to support than one with Tom Foley & Dave Martinez? #FosterTeam

Sure, this was probably an innocent tweet from someone running the Rays’ official twitter account that has no idea what this group might be trying to accomplish.  It still looks bad.

Expos Nation continues to gain ground each day and also got the attention of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who tweeted:

“I hope that the efforts of @ExposNation will one day be rewarded with a team in Montreal. #Expos

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The Rays continue to be one of the most competitive teams in baseball, but are in the basement when it comes to attendance.  If it ever comes about to Stu Sternberg to peek at other cities as relocation destinations, Montreal might just be becoming an attractive destination.