Every Friday at 3:40pm and again at 6:20pm MLB Hall of Famer Joe Morgan joins Booger and Rich to talk about the Tampa Bay Rays and everything else going in baseball.

Morgan said that he doesn’t like condemning anyone in the Biogenesis case before any of the players are actually suspended. He thinks it’s better to be patient and see what happens before we rush to judgment. Despite the allegations, Morgan said he thinks baseball is more united now than ever when it comes to cleaning up the sport.

Morgan said that he’s surprised Boston is ahead in the AL East but says the Red Sox have done a great job of utilizing their offense to score runs. He said they are the team the Rays have to focus on down the stretch. He said the Rays are built to make a run down the stretch to the playoffs this season.

Morgan also said he loved the way Mariano Rivera was honored at the All-Star game but he did not think he should’ve won the All-Star Game MVP.