By: Justin Pawlowski Twitter: @CommishOnlineBy Justin Pawlowski

We found out yesterday that Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman Phil Costa is engaged to Brooke Hogan.

At first, this is typically a story that I could not care any less about.  That was true, until I realized who Costa’s in-laws were going to be.

Costa is about to marry into a family with more drama than Honey Boo Boo.  Phil Costa’s father-in-law is about to become Hulk Hogan.

Sure, I, like most of you, grew up during Hulkamania.  Yes, 20 years ago, having Hulk Hogan as your father-in-law might have been really cool, but this ain’t Hulkamania anymore!

This current Hulk Hogan has gone through a messy divorce, been caught on a sex tape with his “friend’s” wife, and is a fixture on TMZ.

No, I would not want my wedding to be on the water with the reception inside at “Hogan’s Beach Bar.”  I would also not register my wedding gifts at Hogan’s Beach Shop.

Can you imagine what Thanksgiving or Christmas is like with Hulk?

“OK grandpa, open your ‘best grandpa ever’ shirt!”

With all this said, Hulk Hogan would not be the worst athlete/celebrity to be your in-law.

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