The Tampa Bay Lightning season is over right on cue as the NHL playoffs are just now underway. Out with the old and in with the new seemed to be the case when the coach with one of the highest winning percentages in team history was suddenly fired to bring in the new flavor of the month, Jon Cooper.

Guy Boucher was given a job that quite frankly he earned. He was after all a much hyped young coach with a brilliant offensive mind. Seemingly a perfect fit for a team with the skill of the Lightning. Marty, Stamkos, Vinny were suppose to thrive under Boucher but something happened. They didn’t and more importantly the team didn’t.

So now you bring in Jon Cooper. Yeah I know all about the record in the minors and the trophies but do you honestly think he’s the answer? I’m not sure, but one thing is for certain, Steve Yzerman is now on the clock. It may not be a fast clock but it’s one that general managers go on once you hire and fire one coach. Ask Mark Dominik!

So as the Lightning embark on the off season, let’s all the fans realize that as we look forward to next year a couple things must change. Lindback and Bishop must play better. We must get tougher as a team. But more than anything Jon Cooper has to figure out how to get this team to play a style in which they can win. Whatever that may be. This is what we wished for isn’t it? Boucher out, Cooper in. Be careful what you wish for Lightning fans because it may not be what you thought it would be…Then again maybe it is!


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