Immediately following the NFL Draft, I wrote a piece on why I believe Buccaneers 3rd round selection was the right pick at the right time for the organization.

In this piece, I used quotes from Charles Davis of the NFL Network who had joined me on my show earlier that day and quotes from NFL Films’ Greg Cosell from a segment he did on NFL Network’s Path To the Draft.

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Today, Greg Cosell shared his thoughts on the Buccaneers picks for the first time since the NFL Draft.

“I’ve been watching NFL tape for almost 25 years,” Cosell said. “When you pop in tape of a guy, and often you can see this after one game or fifteen throws, you say, ‘that guy (Mike Glennon) looks like a quarterback and other guys don’t.”

Although he does not believe he was a 1st round talent, Cosell was not surprised to see Florida State QB EJ Manuel go in the 1st round, saying, “I wonder if that is the Colin Kaepernick factor already making its way into the NFL.”

Cosell is a very big fan of Mike Glennon and compared him at one point to one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL.

“I don’t think it will be this year,” Cosell answered when asked if Glennon could compete for the Bucs starting quarterback job this year. “I think that he will definitely be in the mix the following year depending out what Freeman does.”

Cosell believes that Freeman still has a ways to go to putting all of his talents together to be a top-notch NFL quarterback.

Greg Cosell was also very high on the Buccaneers 2nd round draft pick in Mississippi State CB Johnthan Banks, saying, “it’s a numbers game.”

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“You put Revis on the number two wide out and let him play cover zero man, which means he has no help anywhere,” Cosell said of the Bucs possible defensive strategy. “Revis takes that man out of the game. Now you have more defenders and more flexibility to defend the number one receiver. If you can defend one receiver with just one corner, you have more bodies that you can allocate to defend everything else.”

Cosell was intrigued with both of the Buccaneers 4th round defensive line picks in Akeem Spence and William Gholston.

Yet, perhaps for the Bucs in a quarterback driven league, it all comes back to one quote by Cosell.

“Mike Glennon looks like an NFL quarterback,” Cosell proclaimed at the conclusion of the interview. “He drops back well. He stands tall in the pocket. He’s erect with his posture and his delivery. He throws the ball well. You finish watching Glennon, and although you don’t say, ‘wow, he’s the number one pick in the draft,’ you do say, ‘you know what, this guy looks like an NFL quarterback.'”

Cosell was not as glowing in his review of Josh Freeman.

If those are just the highlights, you know you HAVE to listen to the entire interview!

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