By: Justin PawlowskiBy Justin Pawlowski

The immediate reaction was not pleasant as the Buccaneers selected NC State QB Mike Glennon in the 3rd round of the 2013 NFL Draft.

While hosting my draft show on Friday night, the phone lines lit up with angry fans at the sound of Mike Glennon’s name coming out of my mouth as the Bucs 3rd round pick.  One by one, Bucs fans voiced their displeasure of a quarterback they deemed inaccurate and a less experienced Josh Freeman.

I refused to fall trap to all of the negativity that clouded Tampa Bay on Friday night, and after extensive research on Sunday night, I’m glad I did.

Unfortunately, I’m limited in what actual research and film I can actually watch. I went to youtube and watched every one of Mike Glennon’s throws in games against Florida State, Clemson, and North Carolina.  I was pleasantly surprised at what I found.

Glennon is not a perfect quarterback, but he is nowhere near as bad as some Bucs fans have already made him out to be.

The critics of Glennon point to his completion percentage at 58.5% and say he is an inaccurate quarterback, but that would be far from the truth.  I lost count after the 12th dropped pass I saw in these games.  Glennon consistently hit his receivers between the numbers and consistently saw passes fall to the turf. At this pace, I feel one could add 10% to his completion percentage to truly get a gauge as to Glennon’s actual accuracy.”

“I remember sitting around a table about a month ago with a bunch of people I really respect, ” Charles Davis of the NFL Network said on 98.7 The Fan on Monday. “There was a raging debate about whether he [Glennon] should be ranked higher because of those drops.”

“There were a ton of drops,” Davis continued. “If I was the quarterback, I’m not sure I’m taking my receivers to lunch or dinner. I’m wondering if they’re taking me to lunch or dinner.”

NFL Films’ Greg Cosell, who has been on 98.7 The Fan every week for the past 6 weeks, has been a fan of Glennon for a while.

“I would argue that, in my opinion, Glennon could (go) late in the first round and I wouldn’t have a problem with that at all,” Cosell told NFL Network’s “Path to the Draft” in early April. “As I talked about his attributes, I think he has probably — of the quarterbacks in this class — more of the attributes that you look for than maybe any other quarterback in this class.”

Cosell also was not just impressed with Glennon’s size (6’7” 225 lbs) or his arm strength.

“I think the thing that stands out with him, first of all, his functional mobility for a big man is far better than people might give him credit for,” Cosell said. “You see him move out of the pocket and make throws. He can do that. The thing I really like about him is his willingness to pull the trigger. You’ve got to do that in the NFL.”

I believe Glennon was one of two quarterbacks in this class that fit what the Buccaneers do on offense.  With the other being Tyler Bray and him going undrafted, if the Bucs wanted to secure a quarterback in this draft that fit their scheme, they’d have to take him when they took him.  Mike Glennon was the right pick at the right time.

Another aspect of Glennon that I like is that he was invited to be a counselor at the “Manning Passing Camp” in 2012.  I think to be invited to a camp as prestigious as this and have the Mannings in your corner is an important aspect.

Glennon is a hard worker and is looking to compete as soon as he gets to One Buc Place.

“When Josh Freeman did not get a contract extension at the end of last season, that was the Bucs organization being very honest with Josh,” Charles Davis concluded with Monday. “The drafting of Mike Glennon, remember how honest we were about the contract extension, now we’re being brutally honest.”

Josh Freeman has never had competition for the starting quarterback job in his career.  How Freeman responds to this competition might tell us and the Bucs what they need to know about the future at quarterback for this organization.

Glennon is in a great position because he does have all of the natural tools a team looks for in a quarterback, and now he will have time to truly develop in a league where the development of quarterbacks has completely disappeared with the growth of impatience.

I do not believe Josh Freeman’s job is in jeopardy in 2013, but Charles Davis put it best to end the interview.

“I expect Josh Freeman to have a big year this year. I expect him to answer this challenge, but Mike Glennon is that insurance if he does not.”

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