Mr. Know-It-All Bucs 2nd Round Pick
By Rich Herrera

Mr. Know-It-All has a few thoughts on the Bucs second round draft pick, Johnathan Banks Cornerback from Mississippi State.

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One of the tough things about mock drafts you have all the info in the world, 40 times, film from college, height weight, shuttle run times, except for the one thing you really need, and that is the GM’s judgment. You see while all the pundits had great intentions while trying to read the Bucs Crystal Ball, the one thing they don’t have access to is Mark Dominik’s brain and what heart. Banks fell right into the Bucs hands and they are laughing all the way to the bank. The pundits and the talking heads graded him down because of his 40 time at the underwear Olympics. What they didn’t take into consideration was that the Bucs had their eye on him way before the combines. They had him in their sites before his season started and graded him very high while we was preparing for The SEC grind and no one had even grabbed a stop watch in Indy. When his combine times were shown to the world and some teams dropped him on their talent board and that is just what the Bucs were hoping for. And when they looked at the board after day one they knew that their plan had a chance to come true. You might have noticed how quick they turned in their pick, as to make sure no one wanted to say stop hold on Banks isn’t there sorry Mark, try again.

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I will never ever dismiss my radio partner’s bragging about the power of SEC football. When Banks talked to the local media he talked about playing SEC football and how tough it was. When Mark Dominik spoke about Banks he talked about him playing the number one receiver each week in the SEC. Guess what Greg Schiano spoke about playing in the SEC when talking about Banks. Scoreboard Booger and the SEC.

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Banks talked about seeing Derrelle Revis coming to the Bucs last week and was wondering if he would fall off the Bucs draft board. Nope he is going to line up right next to him and was thrilled about learning from Revis Island. With Eric Wright back in the fold and Revis Island in the Bay Area, and Goldson coming from the Golden Gate, and Mark Barron coming into his second year, wow have the Bucs biggest glaring weakness has gone away and is now there biggest asset.